Tomorrow it’ll be the 8th of March and it’ll be the day dedicated to Woman.
And we’ll finish the poster for MONO in Belgium.
And Lu will print it working like a slave on the day we should dedicate to Woman… something is wrong or something is missing?
Anyway, apart from these silly considerations, here are some pics of the poster, it’s coming out really nice.

Above You can see the first 2 colours, a glittered perlescent silver for the skin and a very good red for the rest.
But as You’ll see below we’re working on some variants too and we really like the green version.

We’ve used the same ink we put on Acid Mother Temple’s posters we did years ago.
Don’t know why but we totally forgot it and we must say it’s absolutely great!

So, tomorrow we’ll print the details and we’ll show it to You.
Stay tuned!

Listening to Birushanah – Akai Yami

4 Responses to “Print’n’roll”

  1. philsbando Says:

    I think Lu is doing something she loves; however…
    happy womenday, Lu! :)

  2. Have some coffee LU @p@

  3. what a day:) and Lu must working so hard:(
    drink a glass of wine.Cheers to you:)

  4. MORE coffee for LU , more ink , more squeegee

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