New posters

It’s been cool yesterday  meeting the guys of MONO in Milano.
The gig was very cool, they’re very dramatic, intense, impressive and they build up great atmospheres.
And they’re totally great people, they were very happy of the posters and looking forward to the one we’re printing for their gig in Belgium on the 22nd of March.
We also met Joris of Conspiracy records, he’s in tour with them. We talked a little and he was very nice giving us some contact for our record label Supernatural Cat.
So, a good night at Magnolia, with nice meetings, friends, new people and good music.
Today we’ve started the printing process of the MONO poster for Belgium.
I forgot to take some pics, sorry.
I’ll do tomorrow.
We’re also working at other posters for the next weeks coming.
The names are Brant Bjork, Karma to Burn, Eyehategod (and we’re so so so happy cause we love them!), ICO, Ufomammut, High on Fire, Candlemass and many more.
And we’ll reveal the cover for the limited edition of EVE next week.
Last but not least we’ve probably found a new studio!
I don’t remember if I already told You, tough…

Anyway, it’s friday night, I’m a little tired, it’s cold again like we live in Russia and not in Italy, You’re reading this blog asking Yourself  “why?” and tomorrow is another week ending.
I’ve finished to read “Baltimore” by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden and now I’m starting “Things the grandchildren should know” by Mark Oliver Everett, the singer and composer of the Eels.
So I’ll be busy for the next days, hours, minutes, seconds
Listening to old crap right now… it was better before while I was listening to the Eels – End times

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