We no english…

This morning we received an email by Bill.
He told us he had enjoyed an interview we did in 2008 with our friend Marc of Pipecreek posters.
We totally forgot about it!
When we did our first tour with malleus in the USA in 2008, from late september till beginning of November (just in time to see Obama as new president), we stopped, on the way to San Francisco, near the Redwoods and we met with Marc and his wife.
We spent 2 days there and it was fun, we visited the woods where the endor scenes of Star Wars, return of the Jedi,  was filmed.
Totally cool.
It was a great staying.
Anyway, the last day Marc recorded this interview.
And listening to it sounds really funny, it’s like we’re Tarzan speaking… ahahaha
Really amazing, so, we can only say “sorry for the english!”
Anyway, enjoy it
Pipecreek Posters – Malleus interview

Listening to Percy Sledge (damn, he’s a sort of frog…)

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  1. ciaooo!ieri il concerto dei mono è stato bellissimo, volevo ringraziarvi perchè da quando leggo il vostro blog scopro solo gruppi meravigliosi.adesso sono la felice propietaria del poster del tour dei mono , nonchè mio terzo poster di malleus,è stato bello incontrarvi ieri, (vi ho salutato prima del concerto,(ero una ragazza bassina bassina).aspetto di vedervi live con gli ufomammut!ciao pam

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