We’re not dead

Really, we’re still alive.
I’m sorry, now You’ll feel really bad and You’ll have to stop partying.
C’mon, drop down the noisemaker, the red clown nose and all the little conic hats… We’re not dead.
It’s just that we were  busy and we still are, so not a lot of time to write on the blog.
But I promise we’ll try to ad new stuff very soon.
Like for example that we’ll have exibithions very soon in Mexico, Belgium and Italy.
Or that we’re working at a lot of new posters like the ones for MONO, Brant Bjork, High on Fire, Candlemass, Karma to burn and many more.
Or that we’re finishing the design for the limited edition of the new Ufomammut’s lp.
Or other crap we’ll tell You soon.
What? Am I writing too much?
Ok, let’s stop now, then

Listening to High on Fire right now

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  1. I can’t wait to see what will the Ufomammut LP look like, the CD version is already very cool (and your posters are great too!)

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