UFO beamin’ back at you…

While working on some posters for some gigs in Belgium we’re finishing the last details of the Ufomammut’s 5th album “EVE”.
It’s funny cause we’re reading lots of nice things and some strange ones too, but to be honest it’s all great, it seems people is waiting for this album.
The release date has been set for the 5th of May 2010, it’s a sort of anniversary, it’ll be 10 years after the coming out of the first record “Godlike Snake”,  that’s why all these 5 and 10 (well, the fifth album ten years later…)
This is the main theme of the album:

We’re studying the limited edition, different ideas to choose from.
The regular edition is ready, it’ll arrive very soon from the factory.
We’ll show You more very soon, then.

Anyway, stay tuned and check the band site, please.

Listening to Botch – An anthology of dead ends

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  1. perfect!

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