More shots

It’s saturday here and there’s a bright air outside, sun is shining and all is nice.
I don’t know if there are birds singing or such, probably they are but I’ll check later.
If You’re interested I’ll tell You.
Let me know.
Anyway, we’ve finished the printing of the MONO malleus AP version.
It’ll be a 100 pieces posters serie on heavy black paper.
I must say we’re very happy with it.

Another thing we must say is that working with MONO has been really nice, they’ve kept in contact several time to tell us their thoughts and they’ve always been totally enthusiastic about the poster idea.
And we’re looking forward to meet them in Milano on the 4th of March.

Listening to Current93 right now

5 Responses to “More shots”

  1. anche io voglio venire a vedere i mono al magnoliaaaaa e ovviamente prendere il vostro poster, sarebbe un concerto davvero speciale

  2. So….what about the birds singing??? :)

  3. winter eremitwomen;) amazing!waiting for the concert!

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