Some shots

Here we are with some pics of the MONO’s Malleus AP version we’re working at.
We’ve changed the shade and we’ve used different inks, we’re doing 100 pices and we’ve planned to finish them tomorrow.
But they’ll be on sale only at the beginning of the Tour, so You’ll have to wait some days more.

It’s a little dark, sorry.
And this is a detail.

While we’re printing strange things are happening in our Country.
Every day there’s a new scandal, the government we’ve right now is without shame and people is so bored here that it seems all the worst is getting normal…
If You want to stay tuned on what’s going on here You can check the website of Beppe Grillo, one of the few guys here in Italy that is still fighting against what’s happening.
You will discover things You won’t believe…

Listening to Led Zeppelin today

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