M is for MONO

Sorry if we’re a little silent lately, there are lots of projects going on, posters, videos, music,  printing, problems, flu, snow, cold, new studio, stairs, drawings and so on.
So we’re sometimes loosing our minds.
In the meantime, in the middle of different kinds of shit storms, we’ve started the printing process of the tour poster for MONO.
We’re very happy with it.
We’ve printed 2 colours today and we’re gonna finish the band’s version tomorrow.
It’ll be a 250 pieces with 5 colours on black paper.
Then we’ll work on a AP version and we’ll print it in the next days.

Sorry for the pics, my hands were trembling a little, I’ll try to be better tomorrow with the final version.
So, stay tuned.

And today there’s been a shocking revelations.
Well, lots of italians already knew, but it’s always great when things comes out in the light.
The son of  Vito Ciancimino, during a trial for Mafia, showed a letter in which it’s clear the connection between the Italian State, the italian politic (expecially the actual governing party) and Mafia…
Please, invade us cause it’s a long waiting till 2012 for the coming of the Men from Space…

Swans are not dead

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