D is for Dillinger II

Here we go.
We’ve just finished the poster for the gig of Dillinger Escape Plan this night in Milano.
Check it out

This is the glittered brown.

Then a swirling optical layer came to our mind and we decided to make it with a prismatic transparent gold ink.
This is the result.

Very cool, isn’t it?
And the eyes are glowing in the dark!

Ok, we’re happy with this one.
The poster will be on sale starting from tomorrow on our webstore.
It’s a run of 160 pieces.
And Muse will be on tomorrow too.

Last for today is a small preview of the poster we’re working on for MONO.

Ok, it’s time to go and fix our faces;-)

Listening to Black Sabbath – Master of Reality
But the videoclip of Sabbath Blody Sabbath is cool too;-)

One Response to “D is for Dillinger II”

  1. love the prismatic transparent inks.

    “it’s time to go and fix our faces”
    haha. enjoy the show.

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