D is for Dillinger

While we’re searching around for a new place to move, we’re printing and working at new stuff in our little messy studio.
It’ll come a day when we won’t be able to move in it anymore, chaos is the rule and we’re getting really bored about it.
We were quite done with a very cool place to go before the end of last year, then, at last, it didn’t work.
Anyway, if You’ve a nice place for Malleus, just tell us.
We’re finishing the poster for Dillinger Escape Plan for their gig in Milano tomorrow night.
I’m looking forward to see them playing, I really like them a lot, so I’m pretty excited.
We started with an idea and then we changed it totally discussing with Ben, guitar player of the band.
And we’re happy cause this one will be very cool.
We’re working on a red paper and it’ll be a 5 colours poster.
Today we’ve done the first 3, gold, white and glowing in the dark transparent ink.

The white spots will be glowing in the dark.
Tomorrow we’re gonna close it, number the posters and then we’ll drive to Milano for the gig.
We’ll put the final poster online before leaving, don’t worry:-)
We’re gonna print a glittered dark brown and a prismatic gold.
It’ll be a rad poster.
So, stay tuned!

Listening to Neurosis  – “A sun that never sets”

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  1. glowing in the dark;)

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