Some details

Meeting Al and Emil has been great.
The thing in the plastic reflecting light is a pack of posters we gave them and they were totally happy.
We too, we talked about italian B-movies and it was really fun, expecially when “Spasmo”, a mysterious movie of the 60s, came out.
Well, it’s a movie by Umberto Lenzi, we ALL have to watch it.
The title is amazing, the music is by Morricone, so it should be a great one.
Emil knew more then us about italian movies, by the way…
And the show was cool, some problems with the sound levels, but very cool.

The posters are on sale on our webstore, so check them out.
We’ll put the serie on glittered paper on sale too, in the next days, we had some problems connecting to our server in these days.

We’re now drawing the next 2 posters, one for the Dillinger Escape Plan (one of my favourite bands) and one for MONO.
This is a detail of the DEP pencils.

And we’re also working at the cover art for the next Ufomammut: Eve.
This is a detail, another one

Lots of stuff is coming, so stay tuned.

Listening to Easy listening music right now

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