Printing, finally

It’s been a long time since the last poster we printed.
It’s been more then 20 days, we were starting in feeling bad, empty and we started in suffering of withdrawal symptoms.
They’re typical signs You can easily recognize.
First off, the first thing You need in the morning is drinking only very coloured liquids. Then You act like a crazy man spilling yoghurt on the table with the impulse to spread it on the newspaper with a toasted slice of bread.
Then You’ve the feeling You need to dry everything You’re wearing to put something else on, more coloured, obviously.
Another thing is sometimes You lay on the bed for sleeping and You start in lift up and down thinking You’re a jiffy clamp.
It’s when You start in seeing squeeges instead of trees that You understand the symptoms are dangerous and You need to work on a poster.
Well, we were quite at this point.
Anyway, today we’ve printed the first colour of the poster we’re realizing for the gig of Muse in Singapore on the 3rd of February.
Then it’ll be time for OM and MONO. Wow, 2 letters in common!

It’ll be a 3 colours poster on cardboard.
We’re working on a run of about 170/180 pieces and we’re doing a short variant on yellow paper.
Anyway, You’ll see the final design very soon!

Moreover, surfing the net I’ve discovered this pic of Scott Kelly of Neurosis wearing the Malleus tee we designed for Roadburn Festival in 2009.

Listening to Mountain – “Mississippi Queen”

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