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First of all I’d like to show You a wall painting we saw today.
It’s on the front of a Church in a small Town close to our small Town (even if it’s call Tortona and if You translate it in english it sounds like “Big Cake”… it remains a small and boring Town).
Please, look at it carefully.

Can’t You notice anything strange?
Well, look at it again and You’ll see all the saints are the same bald and bearded human being. Well, if they’re human beings… it’s a sort of “Attack of the clones”, there are falling angels, a sort of “Quasimodo” on the left side of the table (the 4th man from left…) and all these twins… Isn’t it fantastic?

Ok, now let’s go with some news.
I think I told You some weeks ago, but now I’ve some pics and I’m happy to announce our collaboration with Merch Attack!
Check out the tees we’ve realized with them, they’re very nice and You can buy them only on their store.
Here are some details:

This one is very cool, blood is popping out of the shirt, it’s a pump colour, soft and embossed

Then there’s this one, taken from the poster we realized some years ago for Flippaut festival.

This one is printed with light glitter colours, very nice

Then there’s more tees, some other designs, just check them here!
And this is a detail of the back inside, they’re all printed with our logo.

This post is getting very long, lots of pics!
So, just another one, it’s about the Muse poster we’re working at.
We’re inking it and finalizing the design.
I hope tomorrow it’ll be ready for the printing process!

So, please remember:
– We’re surrounded by clones and they’re saint clones
– Visit Merch Attack if You want some Malleus’ tees
– New posters are coming soon, the first is Muse

Listening to Shining – “Blackjazz”

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  1. beautiful!
    Muse!one of the nine?

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