Number One

We’re working at the first poster of the year and it’ll be for a big band: MUSE.
It’ll be for the gig on the 3rd of February in Singapore.
Well, we won’t attend the show… :-)
Here’s a detail of the first pencils

It’s coming out very very good.
In the meantime we’re working on the cover art for the new Ufomammut‘s album, EVE, coming April 2010 via our label Supernatural Cat. While we’re checking the last thing on the master (well, there’s always some little detail to change when You listen to the “final” version of a track) we’re moving on with the art and we’ll show You something in the next days.

Now it’s time to sleep, it’s quite late here and we’ve a lot of things to work at in this period.
Next print will be for MONO, the japanese band.
We like them a lot and it’s the second poster we’re doing for them, we did one years ago.
This one will be the official european tour poster.
So, stay tuned for more.
And, in case You don’t remember, this is the poster we did for them years ago.

Ok, good night, sleep weel

Listening to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – “White Lunar”

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  1. whoa uber awesome MONO !

  2. yay! another Mono poster.

    and that Jesse James OST is amazing.

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