It’s taken a couple of days to be active again.
Staying for 10 days closed in a dark recording studio has not bee a very healthy thing, now we’re back living in the light and it’s very very nice.
My ears too are muffled and I feel a little strange. Well, I’ve always felt a little strange, but now I mean more…
While we were in Roma we’ve received a nice package from our friend Jason of ASG with all the stuff we’ve realized for the band, from their last cd/Lp cover (win us over) to the last split 7″ with Karma to Burn we’ve done for them.
This one below is the cover for the cd and LP

and this is the inside and vinyls (very cool, by the way, 180 gr!)

Ok, the pic is not so good, but I’m lazy and I don’t want to take it myself…
And finally the 7″ cover for ASG/KTB

Moreover, we’ve received a very nice package from Guy Burwell containing some of “The italians“, new work from this great artist.
They’re very cool and we’ve named them for Guy, trying to find out the most “strange” names for italian people.
These are the names we’ve given to his characters:

Panunzio, Ubalda, Porzia, Attila, Oronzomaria, Sandramilo, Macaria, Pupolo, Melchiorre, Godeberta with Ciucassa (her dog…), Carlomariagianluca, Chiaffredo, Eulallia, Amintore

Sandramilo is an homage to an italian actress, then all the other names are real.
Well, Ciucassa is a secret we won’t unveil, but it has existed too…
So, next time, instead of naming us MALLEUS we’ll think about more and we’ll use something better, like “the 3 Pupolos” or “the marvelous art club of the Oronzomarias”.
Maybe something like “Carlomariagianluca rock art” would be nice too…
Better to stop now

Listening to Scout Niblett right now

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