Roma III

We feel like we’re in London, not Roma.
It’s raining everyday, then the sun comes out for a while and when You think “oh yes, this is good”, rain falls down again…
Then we’re closed in the studio almost all the day, in dark rooms with black walls.
You can check the new videos on Ufomammut’s website.
It’s getting heavy, very heavy.
We’re looking forward to be back in the Malleus studio to work on new projects, we’ve posters scheduled since a while, so we need to refresh our brains with some good drawing and printing.
While in studio we’re working at the cover art for a book that will come out for Mondadori (I know it’s the publishing house of the enemy… ). We’ll post some images soon, it’s coming very nice.
The book is from writer Adam Bradley, the italian title is “L’ultima fetta di torta” (the last piece of cake – but I guess the original title will be different, I’ve searched for it without results…).

Anyway, have a good day and think about us closed in a dark room overflown by noise…

I prefer silence right now, too many noise is waiting for us…
Like old people say: “this is not music, this is simply noise…”

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  1. grooovy , i mean copado !

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