AP is for AP

Last poster of the year, this is the last one.
It’s the Malleus version of the Amanda Palmer with the  Boston Pops  new year’s eve.
We’ve printed 100 copies with the same colours (we loved them) and we’ve added a iridescent sparkling ink on the snow and fur.

Here’re some details.

It’s come out very very good, it’s a good way to close the year and a cool point to start the new one.

Posters will be on sale starting from the 2nd of January 2010 on our webstore.
Then we’ll pack all our instruments and we’ll drive to Roma where we’ll record the new Ufomammut album at Locomotore studio.
The music is done and we’re very very happy about it.
Well, sometimes it sounds confusing but You should know that 2 of Malleus are 2 of Ufomammut too… :-)
I’ll give You more details soon.
Ciao ciao

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  1. RIP Roland S Howard

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