I’ve just finished to watch “Ponyo on the cliff by the sea”  by Hayao Miyazaki, japanese genius.
It’s a great movie, really really nice.
I’m always surprised by the incredible imagination of the oriental artists, they always reach levels we cannot even think, everything is always soaked by their history and legends, and all comes out so simple it’s amazing.
Moreover I’ve just finished to collect the last issue of the comic of  “Nausicaa of the valley of the wind”, again by Miyazaki and I’m ready to read it all. It’s drawn in a incredible way and I love Miyazaki, so it’ll be a great time for sure.
I suggest You to check out Ponyo, if You’ven’t already done!

Listening to LIARS right now

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  1. there’s a store by the firehouse full of that stuff , you should of brought it up when you were here .

  2. I wish you a great start into the year 2010!
    thank you for all the wonderful artworks.

  3. Tolles Thema. Bin zwar nicht ganz deiner Meinung, aber das ist ja auch kein Forum hier. Bleib am Ball.

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