We’re on BANG ART.
It’s an italian art magazine, very nice.
Well, like other art mags it’s full of artists doing prints with figure with big eyes, but it’s a very nice one.
And we’re very happy to be in.
I’ve to read the interview to see if it’s all right, but it’s in italian, so it’s restricted to our small Country:-)
Thanks to Bang Art I’ve discovered Tomohide Ikeya, a photographer working on amazing pics underwater.
I love the section called “breath” on his website.

By the way, it’s Xmas, it’s the time for Christ to born again.
Unlucky guy, he’s never r.i.p.
Anyway, happy Christmas, war is NOT over…

Listening to Flaming Lips – Dark side of the moon

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  1. Cheers for turning me onto Tomohide, some really inspiring stuff!!!!

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