It’s snowing really a lot here in Italy.
All is white, all is silence.
We’ve numbered and shipped the poster for Amanda Palmer to their destination in the USA.
They’re 353 posters.
Well, they’ll be 350, we’ve kept 3 for us.
On monday we’ll start the printing of the Malleus AP version, 100 pieces on sale on the 2nd of January.
Or maybe the 3rd.
It all depends on weather, if it’ll go on like this till the 3rd Italy won’t be anymore, we’ll be buried under a white silent fat cover of snow.
You know, people usually speak about weather when there’s nothing else to talk about… but we’ve a nice announcement to do!
Our collaboration with the italian “Merch Attack!” has started.
We’re working on some t-shirt design with them (well, for now… hopefully more will come very very soon) and You can check and buy them online here: http://store.merch-attack.com/malleus/
We’re very happy and we really hope it’ll work very good.
And please, don’t stop at the Malleus page, take a look at the other pages and don’t hesitate to buy everything, they’ll print them again, so don’t be shy:-)
Do it before we’ll disappear under the snow!

Listening to Samuel Barber – Adagio for strings

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