Yesterday we’ve been in Milano at Magnolia (the cool venue we usually work with for posters and more).
I.C.O. were playing and it was totally cool.
Great sounds and great songs, I like them a lot and it’s been fun to meet them.
We went home happy and we talked about movies and such.
We all agree to say “Inglorious Basterds” by Tarantino is a rad movie. He’s pre genius, hope to meet him one day, just to tell him how cool he is.
In the meantime our Premier said he’s LOVE.
Really, I’m not joking. He said he’s LOVE.
It reminds me of the Kozik poster with Manson and the inscription LOVE. It was a cool one.

This is the american style, a man closed in jail till the end of his life for what he said and for what he didn’t.
And here below there’s the italian style, a man free from every judgement, he’ll never be in jail for what he says and, expecially, for what he has done…

Anyway, let’s speak about something else… it makes me nervous to think about what’s going on in our small Country.

We’re finishing the new Amanda Palmer poster.
Yesterday we printed the gold colour and today we’ve done the red.
Here are some details of the band serie.
We’re gonna print 100 AP after this, they’ll be different from this ones, You’ll see.

No, it’s not brow paper. It’s black paper and no, the grey part is blue.
And no, the yellow is gold. Yes, the red is red.
Ok, I’ve to admit I’m not so good in taking pictures…
Anyway, here’s a detail of the shadow.

and another one

Tomorrow we’re gonna print the last colour (white), so You’ll be able to see the final design of the poster.
Then we’ll ship the 350 pieces to the USA for the new years eve.
And we’ll have the AP on sale from the 2nd of January 2010.
It’ll be very cold and probably covered with snow, I know, but we’ll do our best to ship all to You.
Then we’ll be in Roma for the recording sessions of Ufomammut.
The new album will be out in 2010.
There are too many things for 2010 yet…

Listening to the Eels

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