I’ve a tooth less.
Ok, who cares?
Nobody threw me a dome souvenir, don’t worry, it’s been the dentist.
Anyway, who cares?
We’ve started the printing process of the Amanda Palmer new poster.
As I told You it’s “based” on the poster we did for her playing with the Boston Pops some years ago.
This is the first colour.

We’re gonna print 350 copies (we’re gonna die…) for Amanda and then there’ll be a serie of 100 pieces AP.
They’re gonna print t-shirts too.
You’ll see the final poster very soon, we’re in a hurry so I hope we’ll finish them all in the next days.
But again… who cares?
I miss my tooth.
It was a good friend and it spent all of its life with me.

Listening to AMEN RA – IIII

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