It seems that a guy has hit Berlusconi with a Souvenir of the Dome of Milano.
An entire church on his face.
It’s a sign of God, I thought, it’s a god strike.
But if I look at the video it seems like the attacker didn’t reach our “Premier”‘s face and that it’s all a fake, a colossal hoax.
If You look at the photo sequence You’ll see our (well, I don’t feel represented by this “man”, so “our” is to be intended like “of the italian people) “Premier” has his face totally clean after the knock, then he has a black plastic bag in his hand and he immediately put it on his face (a garbage bag… why?)
Then in the car he’s full of blood, but not a drop on his jacket or on the white collar of his shirt.
And it seems like he’s spread his face with blood…
Look at the blood, it’s strange.
Don’t know, I don’t believe.
Anyway, I’m happy, the revolution is coming
The problem is: will it be a real or a fake revolution?

Just watched “Lords of Dogtown”, very very cool movie
Listening to PINK FLOYD – Meddle
Thinking about the Beatles... revolution

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