It’s been the day of the counting.
Finally, after months (and I should say after years…) we’ve count again all of our posters, putting them out and taking care of seeing what we’ve left and what we’ve done in these years.
We’ve found out lots of things in the wrong envelopes, posters everywhere, folders with posters inside, some of them ruined and, at the end, we’ve understand we’re totally messy and sloppy.
We’re the helter-skelter of poster art…
Anyway, now we know what we’ve left and we’ll add some posters to our webstore again, now we know we have them…
Till yesterday it was something like:
LU: “How many of this poster have we left?”
POIA:” Probably”
URLO: “Probably what?”
POIA: “Yes, posters.”
URLO:”Ok, let’s say we’ve posters here”
LU: “Ok, many…”
Well, okay, the universe is mayhem, but we’re only a little studio in a little town in a little country in a little nation in a little planet in a little galaxy and so on… and  it’s not a good excuse.

So, now we’ve order again.
And it’s good to have Order, expecially in a political period pending to a sort of fascism and You all know they were addicted to order (and discipline…)

Tomorrow it’ll be the time for Art prints, we’ll count them and then we’ll let You know.

In the meantime we’re working at a poster for Amanda Palmer.
She asked for a reprinting of the poster we did for her playing with the Boston Pops in 2008, but as You know (well not all of You if I think at what happened for Ketsueki…) we don’t like to do reprints.
So we’re working at a new version of this poster, a winter one.
You’ll see soon.

Listening to SunRa right now

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