No B-day

B is for Berlusconi.
Our “political premier”.
Today, 5 december 2010, in Roma, there’ll be an important protest against this “man” (if we can call him with this word).
This is the idea behind this important demonstration taken from the website of the project:

No Berlusconi Day’: Let’s save Italy, Let’s save democracy. Let’s ask for Berlusconi’s resignation

We don’t know what will happen if Berlusconi finally resigns. And we believe that the false “fair play” of some of our opponents simply demonstrates a coward’s attitude to our democracy and they’ll have to in any case, answer for it to the voters. What we know for sure, is that Berlusconi is a very serious and dangerous anomaly in the framework of western democracy – as reinforced of late by the the international press that defines our government “a dictatorship”. We also know that he understands his political situation so well, that he constantly works to change laws and the Constitution for is own personal benefit. We can no longer aquiesce when confronted by the actions of a man who has taken our Country hostage fro more than 15 years and whose conception of the State and his position in it makes him hostile to every freedom of expression, as demonstrated by his recent attacks against the free press, satirists and the internet. We can no longer stay quiet when faced with theunscrupulousness of a man for whom the shadows of his recent past weigh heavily: his connections to the Mafia; his relations with members of the Mafia like Vittorio Mangano or Marcello Dell’ Utri, who has been found guilty of tax fraud, false accounting, and complicity in conspiracy with the Sicilian Mafia.

He must resign and defend himself, just like every other citizen, in front of the Law.

People is reacting finally, this is great and I really hope this will help our Country to go out of 15 years of ruin.
It’ll also be possible to watch at the No B-day on Grillo’s blog

And just to remember… yesterday Mafia informant Gaspare Spatuzza was giving evidence at the appeals trial of Marcello Dell’Utri, a co-founder of the Italian prime minister’s party. He said the Mafia boss had claimed to have Mr Berlusconi’s support. Read more on BBC news.

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