What a night.
I’ve seen the Melvins a lot of time in my life.
The first one was in Milano, they were supporting Nirvana in 1994. One of the last shows of Cobain.
Melvins were great.
Then I think I saw them a lot of other times.
A great one was in 1996 in a foggy night, they played for about 10 people, near Milano.
It was amazing, they did more then 2 hours even if there was a little crowd, I’ll never forget.
Roadburn festival, some years ago, it was great too, impressive.
Then yesterday in Milano, at Magnolia, it was one of their best concert I’ve ever seen.
I loved the first part of their set, only King Buzzo and Dale Crover on stage and it was so great You cannot imagine.
Well, I guess You’ve understood we LOVE the Melvins;-)
Meeting Buzz was great too, we talked with him and Moss for a while and there’s been an “age battle” going on ;-)

Porn were outstanding too, I was looking forward to see them live since years, I started to feel withdrawal symptoms.
They’ve been monolithic, powerful and psychedelic.

So, at the end we arrived back home totally happy and satisfied for having our souls completely fed with vibrations.

Apart from this, it was a strange night based on the curse of “the flying beer vs the Romans”…
We met Lorenzer of Lento and Matteo (sound engineer of Lento).
They came from Roma and the first thing I did was washing Lorenzer’s jacket with my beer.
Then, during the Melvins concert, suddenly a herd of idiots came from the back of the venue kicking and “dancing the pogo” and the result was a glass of beer thrown in the middle of Matteo’s face…
Targets from Roma…

Well, it was a cool night (a little drenched but it’s ok)

Listening to Dario Antonetti – Il ritorno del figlio dell’Estetica del Cane
He’s a great great italian songwriter, he’s the “son of Syd Barrett”

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