Home sweet home

We’re back home, well we’re from yesterday but we’ve been busy, so no time to tell You something about MEI.
What can we say…
We’ve spent 3 days with people, we had our posters on the walls and we forgot to take pictures…
Well… we took a few, the most important I think.
The first is another silly bottle…

It should be a coffee alcoholic thing… or maybe it’d be better to say “it’s a satanic drug thing You wouldn’t understand”…
Then, another nice part of this weekend is represented by the hotel we were in.
It was nice but there was always something wrong.
Starting from the Young lady owner that was always looking at us like she was hoping we could implode and disappear,  apart from the incredible amount of bedbugs flying and sleeping everywhere in our rooms, not considering the main door (an aries was not enough for opening it…), the hotel was nice.
And there was one of the best paintings human eyes have ever seen.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?
I think the best thing, if You want to see some “real” pics of our booth is to check the website of Merch Attack.
They were there with us, with Christian, and they live printed a Malleus T-shirt.
It was very very nice.

Tomorrow the Melvins!
Then the poster will be on sale on our shop.

What are You saying?
No, I’m sorry, we won’t print a version of the hotel Tut masterpiece… sorry

Listening to Black Sabbath

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  1. i’d like ufomammut to play sf with these guys

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