M is for…

This weekend we’ll be in Faenza. We’ll be at MEI fest, the meeting of the so called Independent labels.
We’ll have the new MEI posters and some other candies, hope to see a lot of friends around.
Well, it’s just so to speak cause, as You’ll surely know, we don’t have friends. People hate us cause we do Art prints of our own art.
So the first M is for MEI.

The second one is for MELVINS.
One of the best bands on this Planet will play in Milano next wednesday and we’ve finished today the printing of the poster.
This is the first colour, a very out of focus silver ink. It’s out of focus only on the photo, don’t worry.
Getting older means trembling much more.

Silver ink

The paper is black, ok?
I know this picture is not the best one, You’re always hitting me where it hurts…
After silver we’ve a wonderful copper red metallic ink.
Copper red

This one is a little better. Hope You’ll feel ok with this picture.
Then we thought something was missing on the poster and we add a third colour. It’s a sort of dirty silverish gold, we call this colour “merdolino” that could be translated with something sounding like “light coloured poo”… well, maybe it’s better not to think about it too much…
Here it is:



We got the idea of this poster in San Francisco, I remember we started in drawing it at Chuck’s home.
We miss San Francisco a lot, Chuck and F***ing Gamboa uber alles.
Ok, now that we’re all touched by all this sugar, let’s see some other pics of the poster together.

It’s a very metallic poster.
Like people say in Milano: “TAC” (that is for “done it”) …
The poster will be on sale at the show in Milano at the band merch on the 2nd of december at club Magnolia.
Then, the day after, on our webstore.

Ciao ciao

Listening to Refused – “The shape of punk to come”




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  1. hell ya , awesome forshortening skills . electric halo and skulls ,roses. i remember seeing her at westfest

  2. great video, excellent record that one

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