I’m reading Pluto, a manga serie by Naoki Urasawa and I’ve just bought the first 4 numbers of the serie.
I’ve also finally found “Reset” by Tetsuya Tsutsui and I’m very happy.
I read “Manhunt” some months ago and it’s amazing.
Then I’ve found an issue of Xmen drawn by Milo Manara and Claremont.
And I’m collecting Nausicaa of Hayao Miyazaki too.
Lots of things to read in the next days.
And lots of inspirations too:-)

Here’s a preview of the MEI poster, one colour left and it’s comine out very very nice

There’ll also be a variant on brown paper, we’ll put  some pics online very soon.

We’re also working at a poster for the italian gig of the Melvins in Milano.
Here’s a small video.

As You can see there’ll be a lot of circles…
More coming soon.

Listening to the new tracks we’re working at with ufomammut

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