Weapons and flowers IV…

… or: I forgot to take a picture of the red colour on the MEI poster, so I really don’t know what to show You today.
Well, it’s a good good way to show You something I really love.
I’m gonna present You the Art of Professor Bad Trip.
It was about 3 years ago, it was November, and it was a sad day cause Gianluca Lerici, known as Professor Bad Trip, died.
He was really young, he was only 43 years old and he’s been one of the best italian (and not only) visual artist of the last decades.
I never met him, but I’ve always been attracted by his incredible mind blowing art.
And I think there are no words to describe his art, You have to check it, do a search for images on google and let Your brain float into his art.

And if You’re in Italy don’t forget to go to LaSpezia at CAMeC, Centro Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, there’s  an exibithion of Professor Bad Trip and it’ll last till the 24th of january 2010.
Don’t miss it.
He was, and he’s still, amazing

Listening to Martha WainWright

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