Weapons and flowers II

Another colour on paper for the MEi poster.

You can start in seeing more, the design of the poster is coming out, now it’s 2 colours, silver light blue and gold.
We’re also printing another edition on brown paper.
And we’re trying new papers too, we’ve some special ones that are amazing.
We’ve received a black paper that is very strange, it’s like velvet but it’s paper, I’ve spent about an hour caressing it… like it was a cat, a very flat cat…
So, prepare for some really nice papers for the future posters.
Here’s another detail of the poster

We’re curious to see how the poster will look like once it’ll be done.
Only 3 colours left.
Well, tomorrow we’ll relax and draw, so no printing for a couple of days.
I know You won’t sleep anymore from now till monday trying to figure out how the poster will be, but try to resist…

Listening to OM

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