Weapons and flowers

We’re still waiting for the new tubes to arrive.
They’ll finally be very good, we’ve commissioned them to a factory to make them very heavy so there won’t be any more problems with the bad manners of postmen all around the world. Moreover, if they’ll arrive damaged You’ll be able to use them as weapons.
So, it’s good, they’ll have a double use.
I know we’ve a lot of posters to ship, please don’t feel angry with us, we’re waiting for them cause we want to improve our shipping methods, c’mon time is a relative thing, You’ll be happy once the posters will be n Your hands safely.
In the meantime, to create some diversions, we can show You the pictures of the first colour of the new poster we’re printing right now.
It’s the new MEI poster and we’ve done the first “light blue silver” screening.
It’s good, we’ve some new colours and some new papers too for trying new effects.
We’ve received some samples and we’re experimenting a little.
And we’re also dreaming about our next studio, hopefully we’ll know something sure in the next days.
It’s quite a lot we’re waiting.
Ooooook, I’m gonna show You the pics, don’t  fume at me…
And tomorrow, if You’ll be nice all the day (that means: no bad words, don’t steal anything from Your friends, don’t look at dirty sites and say a little prayer for wishing our Premier will disappear from Earth…), we’ll have the second colour.
And maybe some more details.
It’s a cm 50×70 in 5 colour print. And we’ve studied a lot of nice things on it.
Ok, look at the pics now.



Nice, isn’t it?
And I guess You’ve the entire design clear now ;-)

Goooood night

Listening to Those Poor Bastards – Satan is watching

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  1. Nice blog with a nice video. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.

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