Scattered thoughts again

It’s one day and a half that is raining and it’s getting really really boring.
All is grey around and so new posters are on the walls to make things more coloured.
Some Rick Griffin (and expecially the Lucifer rising poster!!! Thanks a lot Phil!), Kozik, David D’Andrea, Chuck Sperry, Alan Hynes and Christian Hall, Alan Forbes and  then some Malleus too. And more I don’t want to bore You with.
Anyway, both studio and home look better now.
Don’t know if You’ll care but we’re putting down the new Ufomammut’s album, we’re pretty excited, it’s coming out good, it’ll be a new step and it’ll be really different one. We hope to have the music done for the end of the month. Then recordings!
We’re starting the printing process for the next MEI poster, we’ll start tomorrow and we’re planning to do a serie of 200 pieces + an art print on different paper too. Stay tuned and You’ll see it growing and becoming.
And we’re working at a poster for the Melvins in Milano, they’ll be supported by Porn, I love them.
So it’ll be a cool gig for sure.
Moreover, we’ve some other posters coming, we’ll tell You later.
C’mon, don’t be angry, if I’ll tell You all now, what will I write tomorrow?
Last thing I want to write is the tubes will hopefully arrive soon.
So, please be patient if we’re delaying shipments. It’s only for your own good.
And by the way, it’s really terrible to speak about tubes on a blog…

Aaaahhhhh, Melvins!



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