Vincebus Eruptum

Vincebus Eruptum was not only the title of the first album of Blue Cheer, the american acid rock pioneer band of the 60s.
Vincebus Eruptum was also an italian music magazine born in 1999 from the idea of our friends Davide and Giorgio.
And it was one of our first “graphic gym”, we started in working with them as Malleus before becoming officially Malleus.
It was 10 years ago.
We were moving our first steps as Ufomammut and we kept in contact with an italian record label called “Beard of stars” that was very into heavy psychedelia at that time and was run by Giorgio.
We realized our first record “Godlike snake” with them.
Check it out.

I’m opening a little digression, now.
We’re not against download of music, at all.
I think it’s a good way of spreading culture.
It’s the famous “try before You buy”. I like to buy cds, but first I want to be sure it’s what I expect.
And I’m happy when people can listen to the music we do as Ufomammut and we produce as Supernaturalcat, cause then, maybe, there’ll be more people knowing about the music.
It’s not a matter of money, as always.
Ok, close the digression now.

So, Vincebus Eruptum was one of the first work we did.
I remember we realized a black and white cover with a one eyed god surfing in space.
So, now, after 10 years and some of them spent in “silence”,  Davide has decided to restart the magazine.
And we’ve thought it was natural to realize the cover for the first new issue.
We wish all the luck to Vincebus Eruptum and we hope Dickie Peterson (that is in the cover too, cause it was the less we could do to remember him) will be happy of it too.
So, check the magazine out, it’ll be ready in the next days!


Listening to Earth –  “Pentastar”



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