Rain 2

It’s raining again.
Damn, it’s boring. Not the fact it’s raining, the fact I still talk about rain.
It’s like when You’re in a elevator with someone You don’t know and you talk about the weather.
And You totally don’t care… So, let’s think at this blog like a nice elevator.
Mmmhhhh, not good.
So, let’s talk about something else.
For example, we’ve finally found heavy shipping tubes.
They’re quite weapons, so probably You’ll receive posters not damaged anymore.
I know You loved to receive them ruined, but we’d like to become totally professional in shipments.
Never knows what the future could reserve, so, if posters won’t work, we’ll open a shipping company.
“MalleUPS”, it sounds good… no?

What else can we talk about if not rain?
Let me think… the MEI poster it’s done, we’ve to print it, it’ll be cool.
I’ll post a pic soon, it’ll be a 5 colours with some transparency effects and so on.
You will like it, hopefully.

Another argument…
I’ve watched the movie of Kusturica about Maradona, the best soccer player of all times, with Pelè, of course.
Wow, it was cool and it showed a man I didn’t expected.
Check it out, it’s very very nice.
I love Kusturica, and now I love Maradona too.

Then I could tell You I’ve just found out Rob Zombie has worked on an animation movie and it’s a great great thing.
I think he’s a great director, I loved all of his movies and I’m looking forward to see “El Superbeasto“!

It’s very very cool, isn’t it?

Finally I could show You some more pics of our US tour, I’ve the pics of Vita and so we can thank a lot again Mariana…
…and Tom from LA! They helped us a lot
Then I can show You what the power of Metal can do…

And after this I think I’ll go back to sleep…
While outside it’s still raining

Listening to nothing right now…


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