After the rain, guess what?
It’s been a sunny day. It’s getting colder every day more, but it was sunny.
I slept more, so it’s ok, I feel better.
We finished the posters today, we printed the other version today.
Oh my god! No! It’s not a reprint! I swear! It’s simply a different version!
Are You gonna crucify your beloved italian friends?
Please, don’t or we’ll reprint our entire catalogue of posters.
As offset this time.

Ok, sorry it’s the jetlag, I don’t know where I’m in time…
Anyway, please, be nice and take a look at the pics below.
On the left there’s the version for Amanda and on the right the one of Malleus.
There are little differences.
We could play at “find out the variances”,  but I’m listening to Dillinger escape plan now and they could make me really nervous… so I’ll tell You them all.
First of all the Malleus version presents a shade from orange to red, while the Amanda ones are orange only.
Then the background green is different, more green in the Amanda version and more blue/green on Malleus one.
What’s blue/green?
You think it’s easy to write in a language that is not mine, ok, don’t laugh please.
Otherwise I’ll tell You my great grandfather was from Sicilia.
And then, if it’s not enough I’ll show You his photo… then You’ll be really nice about my english. For sure.
Anyway, it’s a green with some blue inside, so a green tending to light blue… Oh my gosh…
Then dark brown is dark brown for both the posters.
Ok, here You can see more what I mean.
Now I feel really stressed and I think I’ll retire my tired bones in a cave in a forest on a mountain  with a bear.
We’ll sleep for months and then I’ll be back. Hopefully…

Listening to Dillinger Escape Plan – Miss machine

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  1. Fucking Lu, you make me laugh with these crazy ass posts.

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