It’s been a rainy day.
We’ve some problem with sleep and we live in a sort of time bubble.
I was awake at 6 am, so we were printing the last colour of the Amanda poster this morning at 8.
It came out  very good, we’ve printed the ones for Amanda for now, I think we’ll change a colour for the Malleus’ version we’re gonna print tomorrow.
There’ll be about 210 pieces for these ones and 21 pieces on cardboard.

And these are the ones on cardboard

Yes I know, this one is a little blurry but I was pretty tired, then I’m old so…
And here’s a detail of the face


Tomorrow I’ll put some pics of the Malleus version, now I think I’ll run to sleep.
Damn, it’s bad to feel the primary needs so important: sleep, eat and play with psp.

I’ve also finished to read Afro Samurai, by Takashi Okazaki.
I found it a little boring, good graphic but I don’t know, a little confusing maybe.
Not happy about it.

Listening to Left Lane Cruiser – “All You can eat”

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  1. looks great.. look forward to seeing it. get some sleep!

  2. hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world

  3. eh? i thought i enter wrong site,ur background is cute

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