No surprise

No surprises this time for the new Amanda Palmer poster.
It’s been published on her blog, so let’s unveil it.
We’ll finish it tomorrow morning and we’ll show You some pics with the real colours.
Anyway, here it is:
They’re coming out very cool, we’ve some new colours too and we’re learning how to use them better, so it’s great to experiment a little.
Let’s cross fingers and, if everything will work properly, they’ll be done tomorrow.

It’s Halloween here in Italy too, it’s holiday since some years. It’s strange, we’ve never considered the “trick or treat” thing, when kids go round to people’s houses asking for “trick or treat?”
It’s strange cause it’s quite silly here… kids are popping bangers, nobody cares about the art of costumes or such.
Last year in Denver it was totally cool, there were Jesus Christ, the romans, the drummer of Blink 182 after his airplane crash and many more … everybody was dressed in some way.
Well, our Premier was dressed like a clown today, but nobody noticed the difference…

Listening to Serge Gainsbourg right now.

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