New works coming

While it’s getting quite cold outside and the night is absorbed in fog, we’re trying to survive to the boredom of Trisco.
Fortunately we’re working at some new posters and they’re making our days full.
Well, I must say we’re not out of jetlag yet and I’ve got random blunders of sleep during the day and a total insomnia during the night… so things appear strange and really dilated, expecially when dark comes down.
So, working on new stuff is a good diversion.
We’re printing the new poster for Amanda Palmer (the fall tour 2009 with the Nervous Cabaret) and it’ll be done next week.
We love to work with Amanda, she’s really into our art and it’s always great when she keep in touch for new works.
We met her years ago, in Milano, we did a poster for Dresden Dolls , she was really nice and she loved it. We’ve been in contact with her since then.
Anyway, here are the first 2 colours.
Orange and …
…metallic green.
There’ll be a band run of 200/210 pieces, then a Artist (Malleus) version of 100 and a variant of some pieces on cardboard.
Next week we’ll show You the final design, so stay tuned:-)

Moreover we’re working at the annual MEI poster. We’ll give more details soon.
And other crap is coming too.
Good night, now

I’d like to remember Dickie Peterson, the founder of Blue Cheer.
He passed by some weeks ago. We discovered he was dead once in Los Angeles.
Blue Cheer were rad. And a great inspiration. It’s sad

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  1. Good night. I like way you write and i love your silkscreening…

  2. philsbando Says:

    this time no surprise!!! :-O
    Amanda posted the sketch in her blog…
    it’s gorgeous!!

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