A last selection of Dark Nouveau’s memories…

We’ve a lot of pics from our trip to San Francisco and Los Angeles.
We’re still waiting for the ones of Vita, especially cause he’s all the ones from LA with Mariana and Tom, the guys that has organized the event at Nomad. And we have to thank them a lot again. So, I’ll put some more pics as soon as Vita will be alive again;-)
Enjoy these ones for now!

Let’s start with the first impression of America… a nice welcome from F***ing Gamboa
This is TRPS, always a great atmosphere, friends and people coming around, poster people!
And then, after TRPS, ArtRock gallery with a curious “live printing”, Chuck Sperry of Firehouse and Malleus doing nice little posters with Forbes/Malleus/Sperry designs on it. Note the silly happiness…
And by the way, it was great to see Mouse at our Dark Nouveau show at the gallery. And it was his birthday too!
This one is a shot with Chuck Sperry, Jeff Wood and Johnny Thief. It’s been great to meet them and to admire their works.
Great guys and great great art.
Then LA. We don’t have the pics with Mariana and Tom but we’ve Dixie!
And Vita too!
This is on Mullholland drive, it was totally warm and the sun was cooking our heads like eggs…
Well, I can say it’s coming out a collection of horrors…
So, now let’s show the World the Hammer of God!!!
… and its incredible powers!
We can do a lot of things with the Hammer of God. We can grow hairs or lost them all (see some thread before what happened with Lydiaemily…). And we can even joke and laugh with Death…
And this is John Srebalus again. Thanks a lot again for his movie “Such Hawks Such Hounds”!
A lot of people were waiting for us in SF…
Terrible, isn’t it? It was in a shop window…
Anyway, the first thing we had to do, once back in San Francisco, was meeting Gamboa, our favourite coffee taster…
Well, ok, this beautiful photo has been taken at the Varnish, I know, but I needed one right now to show how much we love Gamboa.
And he printed a great poster for Ufomammut!
And even Chuck couldn’t believe to his eyes!
So we decided to party with a lot of people.
And we also found a small Hillszilla, so now we know it really exists.
Well, for the ones ignoring what Hillszilla is, please, check here.
I’ve only a few pics left and I’ve noticed they’re quite all stupid ones. Like the others, by the way.
This will means surely something…
Hey, this is Phil of ArtRock Gallery in San Francisco.
We’re like rockers in this pic.
So, let’s close this thread quickly cause it’s getting sooo stupid…
The apotheosis is coming. Check below.
My god…
There’s no Justin McNeal in this pic, it’s a pity. It’s been great to meet him, he’s one of Secret Serpents with Alan Forbes and Tim Moss. And also Lori, Joey and Mark of Acid King!
Well, a lot of people is missing in these pics, we met a lot of great guys and hope You won’t feel offended if we’ven’t put You in.
What? You say it’s better cause this is a terrible report?

So, let’s close it with Boomer.
He’s the 17 years old cat of Chuck.
He’s a really nice cat. And he got secret powers.
He’s a slow cat too, piano piano, piano piano…

It’s been great.
Thanks a lot to You all again.
Listening to Eyehategod – Southern Discomfort

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  1. grandissimo buongiorno,
    grazie per il reportage, le foto e soprattutto per il vostro lavoro,
    sempre entusiasmante e sempre (più) d’ispirazione…
    Buona giornata di MORTU MORTU.
    Un abbraccio fortissimo!

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