Back to Trisco

Finally we’re back in Trisco…
It’s been so great to be in the USA again. We’re full of great thoughts and memories we feel like old men thinking about the past…
Meeting Chuck  has been great, he has helped us so much in all these years we can only try to make our best with posters to make him proud of us.

And what can we do to forget mr F***ing Gamboa, our hero with mexican blood?

Well, it’s been just rad, but I think You’ll have it clear in your mind and You’ll be bored about listening the same concept, right?
So, thanks a lot again to all the people we’ve met and ok, let’s speak about new things from now on.
It’s obvious we’ll put some pics in the next days for sure, just to remind You our trip in the USA was cool.
And if You want You can check our live show in San Francisco at the Varnish on You tube.
It’s up!

Tomorrow we’ll put on sale our latest art prints, there’ll be some Ketsueki (the poster of dissension), Ombra, Dark Nouveau, Tomorrow never knows and Watching You.
Moreover we’ll have the West Fest one ready for sale in the next days too.
And we’ve some variants (I said “variants”, not “reprinting”, V A R I A N T S) too.
We’re very happy about it, it’s been cool to work on it with Chuck and then see how people loved it.
So, please, take a look at our webstore in the next days.

We’re also working at a new Amanda Palmer  tour poster,  it’ll be ready next week, a band serie and a malleus one.
And then a lot of other projects are coming. We’ll have to work hard in the next months.
It’s a good thing, no?

Listening to “Lucifer rising’s soundtrack” by Bobby Beausoleil

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  1. i knew that dead picture was gonna bite me in the ass , take care all of you

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