A good day

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. Today has been a very good day.
We’ve spent it all meeting a lot of great people and moving around San Francisco.
First we’ve visited The Mint. For the ones ignoring what “The Mint”is, here’s a small explanation from Wikipedia:
“The San Francisco Mint is a branch of the United States Mint, and was opened in 1854 to serve the gold mines of the California Gold Rush. It quickly outgrew its first building and moved into a new one in 1874. This building, the Old United States Mint also known affectionately as The Granite Lady, is one of the few that survived the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake. It served until 1937, when the present facility was opened.”
There’s a project to make a museum in it (well, I think it’s used for art yet) and we took a look at it.
Great experience, really.
We spoke about its past and its future with the facilities manager Art Ferretti and we came out totally excited.
As You can notice he’s italian origins and a lot of people seems to have the same “problem” here.
We’re surrounded by italians, everybody seems to have at least an italian relative… so I ask to myself: why the ancestors of Berlusconi didn’t move to the USA (or whenever else…)?
Anyway, getting back to the Mint, it’s been a great experience, it was like a jump in the “far west” and it’s a pity there’s no more gold in it… even if it’s gold itself.
Then we went to “De Young, Legion of Honour”, the fine arts museum of San Francisco.
It’s been a blast cause we met Karin Breuer, the curator in charge Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts.
Malleus and Chuck Sperry, at the presence of Vita and Phil, showed her some posters and we left 5 pieces for the permanent archive of the museum. So now we’ve a “Dark Nouveau”, an “Ombra”, a “Jesus Lizard”, a “Placebo” and a “Nine Inch Nails” prints there. Forever. Something to be happy and proud of.
Miss Breuer seemed really enthusiastic about our art and we were in a sort of  “incredoulous happiness”.
Anyway, we went out in the fog and at the end we went to Varnish for discussing with Lori of Acid Kings about the gig coming this saturday.
She’s totally nice and we’ve to thanks Acid King for helping us with the gear.
And I’m pretty sure it’ll be a great great show together.

So, at the end it’s been an amazing day. I’ve also been to Aquarius records and I’ve found a Ryokuchi record and the new Converge.
Gold, museums, posters and rock. What can we ask more?

Listening to the Sleep.

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  1. Random Guy Says:

    Guys, you all should get your picture taken under the Haight and Ashbury street sign… wearing tie-dye shirts ;)

  2. well what more do you need you ask ?

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