San Francisco

We’re back in San Francisco.
After the trip in LA where:
– we had a show and played with Ufomammut at Nomad
– we acted like Ronnie James Dio at Venice
– Lu played dices and won against Death
– we met our friend John and Lydiaemily (she’s the bald girl in the previous thread…)
and we met Mariana and Tom (sorry, no pics available for now…), we’re back in Frisco where
– we go around in the night like Coyotes
– we take photos of Jorge waiting…
and we’re also working at the show at Varnish this friday and saturday and then on a poster for the West fest.
Unfortunately I’ve filled all the space for writing with photos, so I’ll let You know more later.

Listening to random music but still on Tweak Bird with my mind

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