It’s been cool, really cool.
Thanks to all the people that has helped us in making it happens.
Mariana (thank You a billion times) and all the Hellfire red crew, Arctic in the Tropics for helping us with gear, Nomad for supporting us, John Srebalus and Lydiaemily for the hospitality, Alan Forbes for the beautiful poster and all the people at the show.
We’re really really happy.

We’ve met lots of great guys and gals, we’ve laughed a lot in these days and it’s been a nice experience.
And of course, we’ve got great times eating vegan food, checking out some art and talking about butlers with Lydiaemily.
And John is amazing, we spent last night speaking with him and  we’ve some surprises coming soon involving his movie “Such haws such hands”.
What? You’ven’t seen it yet? Are You kiddin’ me? Oh my god… go and find a way to have a copy!

Tomorrow it’ll be a cool trip on the West Coast for getting back to San Francisco.
We’re getting back to Chuck’s house and we’ll prepare all the stuff for our last appearances in the USA.
Damn, these 20 days are flying away so quick… we’d love to stay for more time.
We’ve been to the Ocean today. It was wet, full of water.
With sand around, a lot.
And I’m  stupid… and a little tired…

Listening to Tweak Bird.

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