It’s been a great day today, we’ve met lots of friends.
We’ve meet legends like Wes Wilson and Stanley Mouse, hang up with lots of great poster artists like David D’Andrea (one of our favourites), John Howard, Johnny Thief (speaking a little italian and it was rad), Alan Forbes, Chuck Sperry (obviously!), Burlesque of North America, Spusta, Jermain Justin and Emek, Gary Houston and then many many more I apologize if I don’t write the names.
So, we’ve seen some of the best posters around. It was gorgeous.
Then at ArtRock was cool too, thanks for all the people coming (thanks Chris, Billy and Your wife, Lori and all the guys passing by), thanks Tania for her patience and help… we printed live and it was nice… ahahah
Anyway, there’s one thing we ask You all.


We really hate these people acting like ravens, buying our fucking posters only to resell them on ebay. Really, it’s awful.
We’ve kept only the half of our prints on this US tour cause we know lots of You have not been able to come to TRPS and won’t even make it to the other shows in LA and SF. We’ve more prints at home and we’ll put on our store once we’ll be back.
So, save Your money and don’t make these people rich cause they don’t deserve other then a kick in the ass.
We’ve done our best to avoid this but it’s really impossible.
So, just wait a couple of weeks and we’ll have the other prints on sale.

Thanks to all the people supporting us and taking our posters for they love them.
There was a big advertise getting out of ArtRock saying “friends are more important then money”.
And it’s true.

Listening to  Clint Mansell – Moon O.S.T

4 Responses to “KAW”

  1. Great weekend of posters for sure. I had a blast and my wife Jen had a great time as well. Very happy I made it out again.

    Enjoy your extended time and good luck with the 1st US Ufomammut shows!

  2. Random Guy Says:

    Thanks for coming again to the US! I love your work to DEATH LIFE!

    I got the Ketsueki and Ombra prints and they’re beautiful. BELLISSIMA!
    I wish I had more money to buy more of your posters.

    Please post a list of your prints available at your other shows like at the Varnish show.


  3. I fucking hate flippers. They suck. I will never buy a new print from the bay. Malleus new prints rock. Wish i could have gone to see you guys. cant wait for the new stuff in the store

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