Jet Lag and scattered thoughts…

Jet lag is still the winner in our fight for surviving on the other side of the Planet.
San Francisco is amazing, we’re having great fun with Chuck and F***ing Gamboa, we’ve met Alan Forbes and Justin of Secret Serpents today at ArtRock gallery for discussing about the show that will take place on saturday, Phil is always cool, so at the end, despite sleeping is a mirage…, everything is rad.
We visited the Varnish, where we’ll have an art show on the 23rd of October with Alan, Firehouse and Dave Hunter and then on the 24th we’ll play with Ufomammut.
Then we take a walk in the City, we had a beer in a bar full of Motorbikes hanging from the ceiling with an amazing guy improvising at the piano (and damn, he was totally great!) and we got back home.
Anyway, apart from our boring lives… we’re excited cause TRPS is coming fast and the show at Art gallery will be surely incredible. We’ll have a lot of rare prints in the expo, different versions of posters we’ve done in the last years, and the cool thing is that we we’ll have not the same posters we’ll have at TRPS.
We’ll publish a list of all tomorrow, so, please, don’t go to sleep to early, You know we’ve a little confusion with time right now…
Ok. Tired like hell. Good night and sleep well.

Listening to a strange ringing in my ears, right now…

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