3 days

Only 3 days and we’ll be in San Francisco.
We’re terribly thrilled but I’m also terribly panic stricken. I hate flying and I’ll have to take 2 airplanes, one to Germany and one to the USA.
What the hell are they waiting to invent teletransport? They’ve done everything we’ve seen in the past in sci-fi telefilms, except teletransport. That’s why I think Star Trek is really unuseful.
Anyway, let’s cross fingers. Next time I’ll come swimming. It’ll take a while but it could be a good alternative to airplanes…
And then, once in California, another thing scares me like a child: earthquakes…
Damn, with all the free room that there was in America, why did the spanish decided to create “La Misión de Nuestro Padre San Francisco de Asís” near the San Andreas fault? Moreover they used the name of San Francesco, the saint born in Assisi, another sismic area in Italy.
And what the fuck! Didn’t think about this cascade of bad luck?
Well, it’s the price to pay to be in the best place on Earth. I prefer Zabrinski Point, but I think that could be a boring place to live , after a week…
As some of You will surely understand, I don’t have nothing important or,  least of all, clever… to say.
So I think I’ll stop here.
What? Do You want to see another preview of “Ombra”?
And You’re saying You’d like to know more details?
Mmmmhhh, what can I say? It’s on white cream “glittered gold” paper.
And hopefully it’ll arrive in San Francisco in the next days.

It’s easy now, isn’t it?

Listening to MASERATI –  “Passages”

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  1. Random Guy Says:

    Funny that you talk about earthquakes, but the following week after TRPS (Oct. 17) will be the 20th Anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. There’ll be some events in San Francisco commemorating this disaster.?

    You guys will be making earthquakes in San Francisco. See You Guys!

  2. I should point out something to you in SF . Where the San Andreas fault is .

    San Francisco, open your Golden Gate
    You’ll let nobody wait outside your door
    San Francisco, here is your wanderin’ one
    Saying I’ll wander no more.

    Other places only make me love you best
    Tell me you’re the one in all the golden west
    San Francisco, I’m coming home again
    Never to roam again…

    San Francisco, right when I arrive
    I really come alive…
    And you will laugh to see me,
    Perpendicular, hanging on a cable car

    San Francisco, let me beat my feet
    Up and down Market Street
    I’m gonna climb Nob Hill, just to watch it get dark
    From The Top of the Mark

    There’s Brooklyn Bridge, London Bridge,
    And the Bridge of San Louis Rey
    But the only bridge, that’s a real gone bridge,
    Is the bridge accross the bay

    San Francisco, I’m coming home again,
    Never to roam again, by gum
    San Francisco, I don’t mean Frisco
    San Francisco, here I come!

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