There’s a poster we did several years ago, when we were not even silkscreening, that has appeared in the video of the making of Ketsueki.
Lots of people has written us asking what it is, cause they never saw it before.
Well, it’s been one of our first “eyecatching” works, we did it first as a record cover, then we put it on a  tour poster.
It was for a danish band called Baby Woodrose and I remember it was 2001 when Kathy contacted us telling us his boyfriend needed a cover art for his solo album. She sent a cd to listen to and it was pretty rad, so we decided to work on it.
We sent some sketches to her and she said she was not happy with them cause she wanted something that people had to look at, something totally eye catching. So we thought it’d be good to make a naked lady sleeping in water, a modern Ophelia.
When she saw it she felt enthusiastic and we realized the cover for “Baby Woodrose” – Blows Your mind!
We did the tour poster too and it’s still in our printing room. We’re very attached to this poster, it opens Malleus to a bigger World and launched Baby Woodrose in music.

Lorenzo, the guy behind Baby Woodrose, once told us this poster was a sort of cross on his shoulders cause there was no way to make them last more then 5 minutes on the walls… people were used to take them away from the walls, so i love to think that half of the danish citizens have a Baby Woodrose in their living room :-)
Anyway, we’ve always found this poster something pure, clear and peaceful. But we see it with the eyes of “fathers”, maybe from the outside it’ll look different, another thing.

So, the first mystery is solved.
We’re also thinking about revealing the last art print we’ve ready for California.
We’ve received a lot of nice words in the last days from people really loving our posters and we feel really better.
So, in the next days we’ll tell You more.
For now I can tell You the name again, it’s “Ombra” and it’s a big sized poster, it’s about cm 50 x 100.
And it’s glittered, really glittered. And we’ve printed 2 versions, one with yellow ink and one with gold ink instead.
So there are 50 and 35 pieces.
And they’ll be at Dark Nouveau exibithion at ArtRock gallery on the 10th of October in San Francisco.
And here’s a small small, really small detail.

Yes, I know… it’s just to make You hate us more and more… :-)
Lots of mysteries tonight, isn’t it?

Ok, there are mysteries more interesting, I know, like why we’ve five fingers and not more?
Or why we don’t have more eyes and less holes in our body?
Why we’ren’t furry anymore (well, ok, not all of us)?
Why water is wet? And why I’m writing silly things in the middle of the night?
Aaaahhhh, mysteries of life

Listening to Soilent Green – Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction

3 Responses to “Mysteries”

  1. that ‘ll look good next to my picture of baby jesus

  2. mysteries…aahh!
    i have a copy of your ophelia
    and im still in love with it completely!
    your art is mindblowing
    and it’s great to see that you guys keep growing…
    love ,a

  3. Please, is there any chance you will reprint this poster???

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