Today is the day of the new release by Supernatural Cat, our small and nice record label.
After  Ufomammut, Morkobot and Lento, it’s now time for Incoming Cerebral Overdrive with their brand new album “Controverso”.
I know, their name is impossible to be remembered, but with a little practice You’ll make it.
Or You can simply call them I.C.O., it’s ok, they won’t feel offended.
They’re very nice guys, have You seen the video we’ve done for their song “Controversial”?
Damn, I’ve to put it here again…

Take  a look at the end,  You’ll notice there’s a sort of kung-fu fight between one guitar and the face of the singer…
Don’t worry, he survived.

I’m sorry I’m totally unable to insert the music of I.C.O. in this thread, so if You’re curios just click here and You’ll find a jukebox with all the album to listen to.
I won’t tell You how they sounds like, just listen to it and think about a sort of meeting between the italian seventies progressive with hardcore masters like Converge and Botch. But well, I’m totally ignorant in music and I only know a couple of bands, so if You’ve any suggestions for comparing I.C.O. to someone else, just let me know and I’ll be happy to listen to.
And finally, cause we need money to buy heavy drugs, go here to buy the limited totally handprinted vinyl+cd version or, if You’re really parsimonious, the digipack version.
But first listen to it several times, so You’ll feel how cool this new record is!

Listening to Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, what else?

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  1. I have no active phones here,sorry!

  2. hope you will give me an answer for so much here!

  3. cafe , distortion and scarponi

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