Scattered thoughts and art prints 4

We’re finally back home, after a long traveling day.

The experience has been quite bad, Europe seems not well prepared on poster art, I think it’ll take a lot of time to make things work better.

But we’ve got a great time with Guy Burwell, John Howard and his wife, Jay and Diana and Gary Houston.

Then there were a lot of great artists and we spent really a lot of money in fantastic posters.

Things have to grow more here in Europe for sure.

So we’re ready to roll again, thinking at new projects and works, ready for the US trip and for a possible couple of dates on West Coast with Ufomammut. We’re looking forward to meet Chuck, Jorge, Alan and all the guys we love from SF! Only 10 days an we’ll be there.

We’ve decided to keep the last art print secret, so it’ll be a surprise for the people coming at the Artrock show.

We’re not happy with what we’re reading around, speculators are the worst enemies of art, so we’d like to take the distances from these people.

We’re really happy of Ketsueki.

It’s been a while we wanted to put our hands on this artprint.

We printed the original poster years ago, using vinyl colours on a glossy paper, quite bad compared to the one we use now.

The colours we’re using today are another thing too, they’re more bright, vivid and we can do much more things with them, so it was a great way to print some of our favorite posters in a new shape.

First we gave life to “Watching You”, a never before silkscreened imagine we’ve always loved.

It came out totally rad. We’re so happy about it, every time we look at it we smile.

Then we took the samurai girl of the poster of Verdena and we decide to make it as an art print.

We’ve received a lot of requests from Merch companies for making a “commercial” version of the poster, apart from the skate we did with Conspiracy (it was a cool different support, so it was a great experiment).

We didn’t accepted any of them cause we love to print what we create with our own hands, handprint what we draw is the main important thing, we’re for the handicraft way, not the industrial process,  it sounded weird and not interesting and we took the control of it.

As a real collector surely knows, an art print is not a “reprint”.

First of all the name of the band is not present anymore, the run is different, the support and colours too.

Sometimes the size too.

A lot of artists, since the past, has done art prints of their favorite works.

It has nothing to do with the original art, it’s another thing, another approach.

But real collectors know these things, right?

So we printed 105 copies on black heavy paper, using different colours from the original poster, a white ink, a transparent glittered velvety on it, gold and red. Then we used a sparkling glitter on the blood, to make it coming out of the paper.

This poster is alive, if you caress it you’ll feel the inks, it’s amazing and we’ve never been able to make it this way in a industrial process.

Well, the skate is cool, for example, but it’s flat.

As You know we’ve also worked on “Dark Nouveau” and “Tomorrow never knows”.

These are new artworks too, never realized before and we’ve already spoke about them.

Then there’s a last artprint for the show at Artrock.

We’ll keep it secret, and we won’t say a word about the other prints we’ll have for this show.

A pity for the people really loving what we’re doing (and they’re the main reason why we’re doing posters), but we’re quite bored about “easy psychiatric sessions”… :-)

So, please, keep the faith!

Listening to Nick Cave

5 Responses to “Scattered thoughts and art prints 4”

  1. just keep doin’ what your doin’. screw the naysayers.

    … and one of the best Nick Cave songs. actually, one of the greatest songs by anyone, EVER!

  2. “We printed the original poster years ago, using vinyl colours on a glossy paper, quite bad compared to the one we use now.”

    hey! i thought that style was way interesting. i’m sad to see it isn’t used anymore — way different than everything else right now, or possibly ever.

  3. well, you guys and firehouse. god, those guys are really, really good.

  4. keep up the great work!!

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